Medicare Help

Understanding and getting help with Medicare and related coverage has never been easier. We are here to help you no matter what needs you may have. Whether you are approaching this important milestone in your life or need to make changes in your current health coverage, understanding the complexities of Medicare can be challenging. Like most people, navigating through the Medicare enrollment process and the many health plan options can be overwhelming.

At TFA Benefits our team of specialists is here for you. From offering educational seminars to personalized appointments, we will help you explore and understand health plan options, so you can decide what’s best for you. We Can Help answer questions such as:

Am I eligible for Medicare?
When, where and how do I apply?
What is the difference between Medicare A B C and D?
Is there a difference between Medicare Supplements , Medigap Policies and Medicare Advantage Plans?
Do I pay more for Medicare if I have a higher income?
Do I qualify for “Extra Help or Limited Income Subsidy (LIS)” to help pay for my medications?
If I am still working and covered under my employer plan do I need to apply for Medicare when I turn 65?
I am planning to retire. If I enroll in Medicare, how will this affect my younger spouse who is not yet 65?
How do I find a Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) that covers my medications?
What’s the coverage gap or donut hole?
At TFA Benefits we have been helping people like you find comprehensive and affordable health insurance options since 1928, right here in our local community.

If you have not already met with your TFA broker, we invite you to schedule an appointment for your COMPLIMENTARY MEDICARE HEALTH PLAN REVIEW which will streamline your decision making process.